With 111 Rangers goals to his name among the club’s most-successful phases, Derek Parlane is completely deserving of his position at the Ibrox Hall of Fame.

This was the very first of his own goals for the team, and really, a new job for him under the new direction of Jock Wallace the next season was supposed to lead to 27 goals since the Light Blues started to turn the national tide in their favour.

I didn’t understand that at the time and that I did not feel that at the moment, but there’s little doubt about it, my entire world changed that evening.

“This was the stage which I wanted and that I got, and I am grateful for Willie Waddell and Jock Wallace for giving me this opportunity and that I scored that second aim.

“I had been on the seat for the closing, however, we won the cup that was fabulous. But when I return to the pre-season training in 72/73, I didn’t know where my job was likely to be in the club.

“When Jock called me one afternoon on pre-season and stated he was planning to market Colin Stein into Coventry and threw the number eight top throughout the desk, I will never forget it.

“He said, ‘you go outside and create this shirt your personal this year son, we are likely to offer you an opportunity.'”

Five months were to pass between the triumph over Bayern, along with the closing with Moscow Dynamo at the Camp Nou. As thousands upon thousands of Gers fans made their strategies to achieve Barcelona in any way that they could from the days before low-cost aviation, expectation, and excitement was building to one of the players.

Parlane continued: “We’re thrilled and we understood Moscow Dynamo was a powerful side. We were convinced, we had beaten some fantastic teams once you go through and examine the teams we’d conquered, we’d nothing to dread, we actually did not.

“John Greig was rear, that I had been gutted about by now!”

“We moved to go 3-0 up that was incredible at Barcelona, until they pulled a few goals back. In conclusion, we’ve been hanging a small bit, however, we managed to win the closing.”

“However, I am only able to say we had been convinced, which comes to the lads and the camaraderie and the bond we needed as a group of players, amazing Rangers players.

“We did not actually fear that went and revealed itself in the closing.”