India’s centre-forward Dangmei Grace, who had been appointed as the Best Emerging Player in 2019 from the All India Soccer Federation (AIFF), stated Bala Devi’s travel to the European team Rangers has inspired the new generation of girls footballers to dream big. Her achievement incites the players to work harder. Bala Devi is an inspiration.

“That is (Bala’s registering ) really a fantastic thing to occur for not only women’s soccer but total Indian soccer. We also have begun to think that we are able to play such as Bala di and it is a massive inspiration for the young generation of footballers like us which we are able to even play with big clubs in Europe someday,” Grace explained.

“The Indian women also need to take it as a challenge which when Bala di has gone, they also can take action,” she added.

Grace stated that donning the jersey of Chelsea or Arsenal women’s group is a fantasy she’d love to realize.

During the lockdown, she’s also functioning in their own family garden together with her other exercise routines to keep herself healthy.

“Though I am desperate to return to action at the first, it is not possible today. We can not help. The situation is really. Let us abide by what the government must say. I hope this catastrophe becomes finished soon. But staying at home, I want to keep myself healthy. She also sent me a Monday-Saturday routine, that I perform in the morning and day.

We’ve got enormous gardens and it is time for the farm. So, I head out with my brothers and other loved ones at the backyard and do a little work with the scoop, etc. It is a great pleasure to be engaged apart from being a fantastic physical exercise.”

Grace, who left her India introduction in 2013, is also optimistic about better days for Indian women’s soccer.

“Previously, there was less quantity of matches. We had to await the AFC Cup qualifiers or even the federal leagues. These were the sole games. Now, however, what is changing slowly. It is getting aggressive. I believe that women’s soccer can be getting more attention today. The AIFF is overly playing their role so well by running more occasions to keep us engaged and busy. The last two decades are excellent for Indian women’s soccer. Like the vulnerability tours that helped us a great deal to learn and grow, I believe to keep on playing higher rated sides is also quite significant,” Grace added.

She also said about India’s tour to Vietnam to perform with friendly in which they finished with a draw.

“They are much superior to us, as they’re ranked 33 and we’re 50 something. There’s a massive difference between us. But we played with a draw together. Playing higher rated teams, we could enhance our performances. And if we are able to continue with this winning soul, we could defeat any competitor. Aside from that, the institutions will need to run more leagues for girls. Along with the press also has a huge part to play. They will provide more room to women’s soccer so it could grow,” she states.