Rangers signed John Lundstram from the English side Sheffield United on a free transfer after the Blades got relegated from Premier League last season. The midfielder has experience of two years in the English top division and has proved to be a bargain already.

Lundstram has featured in seven games for the new club. He has started in three games and was subbed on in the other four matches. In the previous two matches, Steven Gerrard has replaced Steven Davies with Lundstram in the midfield.

When looking at the above chart, the general rule is that the longer the bar the better the performance – you can see the league average in the middle and the % is the percentile rank the player is in.

Lundstram leads the stats in most of the departments of passing and progression. The player averages 73 passes per 90 with an accuracy rate of 92%. Most of his passes have been forward passes and averages around 11 passes into the attacking third per 90. The only stats in which his percentile is less than the average number of players is the crosses attempted per 90. Lundstram averages less than one cross per 90.

Lundstram has operated from the right side of the central midfield. His average position at Rangers is somewhat similar to his average position at Sheffield United last season. The player likes to go wide towards the right side but he has operated from outside the box. He has made fewer attempts to go inside the opposition box.

The above viz is the match overview of Rangers vs Dundee. John Lundstram attempted 11 passes into the opposition final third. He made 11 recoveries in the whole match and seven of them have been in the opposition half. The midfielder also attempted five dribbles in the match.

The pass map of Lundstram shows that he has distributed passes towards the left and right flank. Most of his passes have been sideways and forward passes. There are a lot of passes involved towards the right side of the play. His 14 passes have landed in the opposition 18-yard box but the midfielder is unable to pass a ball inside the opposition 6-yard box. Only two passes have been attempted from inside the opposition box.

In the previous match against Hibernian, Lundstram had a high expected threat rate. He attempted more than 100 passes with an accuracy of 95%. He attempted 15 passes into the opposition final third and was the highest number in the match. The midfielder also attempted two shots and made four recoveries in the opposition half.

John Lundstram has shown some improvement in his recent performances. His expected assist rate has improved recently and the number of passes attempted by the player has also increased. Steven Gerrard has relied on him for controlling the play in the midfield. Lundstram has scored goals in the Premier League and surely has the potential to contribute towards scoring goals. The manager would be expecting some more contributions in the season.