Rangers’s title defense in the Scottish Premiership has taken a good start, and they are on the top of the league table after 13 matches. The Rangers have only lost one game and are one of the top goal-scoring teams in the league. One of the main contributors in their good run has been Alfredo Morelos. The centre-forward has contributed towards scoring goals since his signing in 2017, and this season, he has added more goals and assists to his overall tally.

Morelos has made 11 appearances for Rangers this season. The 25-year-old has scored four goals and provided two assists. The Colombian is the highest goal contributing forward for the Rangers. Morelos has attempted 43 shots so far this season and has nine shots on target. The striker attempted the most number of shots against Hearts. He has created an expected goal rate of 6.02. He has also taken positions inside the opposition’s penalty box and has taken 59 touches inside the box.

When looking at the above chart, the general rule is that the longer the bar, the better the performance – you can see the league average in the middle, and the % is the percentile rank the player is in. This chart displays Morelos’ passing and progression data in comparison with other forward players in the Scottish Premiership.

Morelos has two assists to his name and averages 0.07 expected assists per 90. The forward player attempts 29.41 passes per 90, and his pass accuracy rate is more than 80%. He is ranked high for the number of long passes attempted per 90. Morelos has attempted 23 long passes and averages more than two long passes per 90. His passing range also includes seven smart passes and three through passes.

The above chart shows the attacking and creativity stats of the forward player. He has attempted the most number of shots in the Scottish Premiership. The shot accuracy rate is less, but his shots have created a high xG per shot. He attempts more than one headed shot per game and has a high expected goal rate per 90. The Colombian has attempted 15 dribbles and is ranked low amongst other forward players. His offensive duels and attacking actions are also less in comparison to the other players in the league.

The above chart shows the shot map of all the attempts taken by Morelos. He has scored three goals from inside the opposition’s penalty box, while the other goal was from outside the penalty box. Out of the 43 shots, 11 were attempted from outside the opposition penalty box, five from the edge of the penalty box, and no shot was attempted from inside the opposition’s 6-yard box.

The centre-forward has registered more than ten goals in every season that he has played since signing for Rangers. He has attempted the most number of shots in the league and has carried a threat whenever he is on the pitch. The 25-year-old is a major part of the Rangers team, and he will look to contribute more towards the title defense this season.