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Rangers Analysis is the number one web blog for lovers of the blue half of Glasgow and aims to be the place for all your content needs.

We provide you with the best stories involving Rangers, ranging from current news and also some of the best tales from the past.

Rangers Analysis also provide the Ibrox faithful with some of the very best opinions regarding the Light Blues, leaving no stone unturned when making our arguments. How do we do that, you ask?

Easy. Our opinion pieces are written with the use of informed data and are researched using the statistics available to help provide the substance required to make the argument we are making valid.

We look at all the latest news to surround the Glaswegians and put together some highly-detailed analysis as to why something might be being suggested in the first place and then look to try and provide you, our audience, with all the knowledge and understanding needed to be able to form your own informed opinions.

Have a strong opinion about some of the things that you have read regarding the club and potential transfer rumours? Feel you can write an analytical article on what specific needs that Gerrard has or needs to address in order to finally bring the silverware (and, perhaps more importantly), the Scottish Premiership title back to Ibrox?

Keen to learn the tactical side of football more by developing your knowledge through writing and an avid Rangers supporter? Then why not apply to join our team and write for us?

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